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Below are just a few benefits of The Reverse Forecast Winning Formula

Horse Racing System specifically designed for all UK tracks, see racing post to gather all the information needed.

  • Takes Only 5 Minutes a Day to Find Selections 
  • New System to find big Reverse Forecast Wins 
  • Racing System to Find Big Reverse Forecast Wins 
  • Big Winning Forecast Odds of up to 500/1 
  • Huge Profit Potential 
  • Swift and Easy Selection Method 
  • Four Exclusive Methods of Forecast Selection 
  • Suitable For Novices and Professionals 
  • No Racing Knowledge Required 
 winning horse racing systemStart making a full time living with 30 minutes per day. Money back guarantee
Total Winnings for Last Month was ₤1202.03 on ₤1 stakes.

There was 41 winning bets and ₤150 losses.

Therefore ₤1202.03 minus ₤150 equals ₤1052.03 total winnings on ₤1 stakes.

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Example Forecast Wins 

Date: Bet Placed: Won:
Day 10
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤7.64
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤45.98
Day Nine
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤14.91
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤6.00
Day Eight
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤9.88

Note: Abandoned Races 4 days

Day Seven

  Forecast Win

Day Five and Six

No Bets

₤1.00 ₤27.07
Day Four
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤12.48
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤8.60
Day Three

  Forecast Win

Day Two

  No Bets

₤1.00 ₤15.02
Day One
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤12.46
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤4.60
  Forecast Win ₤1.00 ₤26.90

The Reverse Forecast Description

  • The best horse racing system does not select forecasts every day as many days there are no suitable races available to do the forecasts
  • Whether you are a total novice or a professional, if you want to get those winning forecasts this horse racing system is for you!!
  • Not all the forecasts win but they do not need to! As the winners are huge odds forecasts, think about the potential when you are backing winning forecasts up to 500/1!
  • Even using small stakes the winning forecasts produce some massive returns, imagine you had ₤50 on some of the latest winning forecasts!
  • You can easily work the forecasts out in advance of racing commencing, place your forecasts in the morning then count your winnings in the evening!
  • Just think of it, you place a few small forecast bets in the morning, then you collect a huge wad of cash on your return!

Ordering The Winning Betting System

  • The RFB System is so simple and swift to use it will take you no longer than 5-10 minutes to work out your forecasts!

  • Full Support And Currently Less Than A Third of its Previous Price

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