Horse Racing Advertising Rates.

Why would you want to advertise with us?  Well we have big lists from previous buyers and we get alot of traffic from that,  our site is heavily optimisted, the only disadvantage is the site is relatively new. We are in the process of building a horse racing directory, which will be worked on daily. This directory will have a very good page rank, and the front page will be linked to this site, that will benefit this sites popularity.

Reciprical Links from the links page to your home page are free.

A full page seo optimised article including text link on everypage (except home page) is 60 GBP per 3 months, bearing in mind most of our traffic lands on various pages.

A graphic square on the left column, which is currently not in place until an advert arrives. 60 GBP per 3 months.


Please use the paypal button to pay for the service, then let us know which one you are opting for.