The Reverse Forecast System - Questions

Q. How much money can I make using the RFB System?

A. It depends on your staking levels, once you have built up your betting bank there is no reason why you can’t be making ₤500-₤1000 weekly with the system.

Q. What betting bank do I need to start with?

A. We recommend a 20 point betting bank, and recommend backing each horse with a 1 point stake.

Q. Can I use a staking system to improve the profits?

A. We recommend level stakes, however because of the low strike rate of the system you may want to employ a staking system at your discretion, whichever method of staking you use we advise you to stick to one consistently.

Q. How many selections are there?

A. It depends on the time of the year and the quality of racing, however on average you can expect 20 bets weekly.

Q. What is the average price of the horses produced by the system?

A. The horses the system selects are at an average starting price of 8/1- rarely 111/1 sometimes they will be bigger prices and sometimes shorter, but over the long run it averages out to 15/1.

Q. What kind of strike rate can I expect, and winning/losing runs?

A. The strike rate has proven to be around 50%, so out of every 100 RFB selections you can expect around 50 to be winning. Because of the high odds losing runs aren't a problem. Losing runs are usually 3 or 4 at most.

Q. How do I know the RFB System is genuine?

A. The system is genuine, all the claimed results are easily checkable with the system.

Q. Will the Reverse Forecast System continue to perform in the future?

A. We guarantee the system will continue to produce consistent winners for you which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if the system doesn’t perform in the 30 days then simply send it back for a full refund. So we strongly urge you to give the system a try, this really does work.