Reverse Forecast

What is a Reverse Forecast?

Reverse Forecast is where two selections are chosen in a race, they are to finish either 1st and 2nd in either order. Therefore a reverse forecast is two straight forecast bets and is actually two stakes.

Reverse Forecast Information.

If you didn't understand the top one, then I will explain it again here,

A forecast is a where the gambler tries to pick the 1st and 2nd horse in a particular race in the correct order: the gambler quite literally tries to forecast what will happen.

A reverse forecast, therefore, is selecting the first and second horses, but in can be in either order - it doesn’t matter which is first and which is second.

This is not unlike an “Each Way” bet - where there are in effect two bets placed, one to win and one to place - similarly, reverse forecast bets cost double the stake, as one is placing two bets. For example, I think horse A and horse B will finish first and second, but am not sure what order, so I place a Reverse Forecast on A and B. I would have the following bets:

Horse A to beat horse B and Horse B to beat Horse A

The Tote used to do a bet called the Dual Forecast, which was the same as a reverse forecast that carried one price for either result, however, they switched to the Exacta (another name for a forecast) a number of years ago. Each result (A beats B and B beats A) therefore now has a different price - some people like only to place single exactas.

A reverse forecast on the Tote is therefore called a “Reverse Exacta”.

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